White Feathers

is a compilation of poems written by  John Anthony Line and Shirl A. Steward, each poem of Shirl's, written independently from John, has been matched as a possible response to one written by John.  Shirl felt it both an honor and pleasure to act as editor on this labor of love together with her soultwin, a brother in spirit living in England.   To read this special collection is to embark on a  wondrous spiritual journey.


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here's what you'll find in

White Feathers    Index: 

Written by John

  Shirl's response


  In Arms of Heaven

Fear of Pain and Gain

  A New Heart

Guide Us

  Out on a Wobbly Limb


  Beyond Words

Do It

  Buried Treasure

Hello Fair Sea

  On Our Way Home

Joy of Living

  Learn from Nature

Dream Lover

  No Chance for Love

The Gift

  A Key for Every Door

The Crest of a Wave

  Oh, To Be That Mirrored Image


  By the Waterfall


  His Golden Heart

Peace in Mind

  The Galatea

Quest On

  Awaking Dreams

The One

  Self Deception


  Still in the Heart

Soul Searching

  The Woman on the Cliff

A Dream

  Waste Not the Game

Dream On

  No, I Can't Pretend

Bells Palsy

  Art of Imitation

I've Met You

  I Knew

Return of First Love

  You Silly Brit


  Forgetting is not an option



Relation-Ships That Passed

  Lost Dreams

Let's Soar

  You Can Fly


  Flight of My Soul


  Behind the Page


  Similarity of Mind

One Day

  Hope Is

Drops of Love

  Thinking of you


  Master or Slave?

The Calling

  Real Value and the Living Book



Paper - Tears

  A Penny for Your Thoughts

Love One, Lost Two


Loving Life


Time (to be me)

  No Longer Now the Fool

Time (to be me) Expanding

  Incredible Me

Real Love Awaits

  Birth of Wings

Love Is

  Most Perfect Love

Spider Walking

  Solo Man

A Smile

  The Clown



For You

  Dreams a' Blooming

Gorgeous George

  Soul Sisters

Fifty-Nine Days

  Silent Rage

Plea to the Fleeing

  Mr. Wander-Lust

With Scant Regard

  Plastic World

Dad Aah Me

  Daddy Made Me Cry


  No Twin to Truth

Less They Be

  All Inclusive We

Listen Be Still

  Attune to the Bell

The Quilt Pieces

  Shadows of a Life

The Very Best of Friends


More Questions than Answers

  Soul Paradox

Tears like a river

  One Last Ride

All poems are by Shirl A. Steward and John Anthony Line are copyright between 1967 and 2010.
Copyright 2004, 2008, 2010 [Healing Waters Press]. All rights reserved.
Revised: 01/12/10.



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